Monday, July 2, 2012

End-of-school-year stuff

Last week things started winding down at school and we had some class presentations as well as the end-of-school show and festival. We got to visit the kids' classrooms and see some of work they did during the year. It was fun to be in those same classrooms we saw the first day of school, when this adventure was just starting and we had no idea how it would go.

The school show and festival took place at the Paris IV campus of the Sorbonne. The first part of the show was based on the Lion King's Circle of Life entrance song, for which the twins dressed up as condors; then Andrea's class did a few songs choreographed by the school's primary director.

After the shows were over we stayed for a while at the school festival, where they had some outdoor food and entertainment and we got to hang out with all the other parents.

We've also had farewell picnics at the park and have generally just been enjoying the nice weather and everyone's company. And even though we're still here, I think I am already missing Paris...

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  1. "The twins ended up dressed as condors"--that's a better sentence than the opening of many New Yorker stories!